The Teacher

by David Karsten Daniels

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THE TEACHER is the 8th full length album from Dallas, Texas based songwriter David Karsten Daniels. It weaves together DKD's iPhone demos and private field recordings to (somewhat cryptically) sketch out the story of a new father struggling with the newfound interdependency of family life and the unavoidable - but much needed - death of self.


released January 29, 2016

all songs and performances by DKD except
'We Go Out Into the Ocean' by DKD and K.

additional drumming from Daniel Hunt
additional vocals from Tara Toms, K8, MMM and K.
photography by Shayna Fontana

Ⓒ 2016 David Karsten Daniels,
all songs pubished by smll thngs (ASCAP)
℗ 2016 smll thngs

All rights of the manufacturer and owner of the recorded work reserved.
Unauthorized public performance, copying, or lending prohibited.




all rights reserved


David Karsten Daniels Dallas, Texas

The albums of David Karsten Daniels inhabit a unique imaginary place where folk, rock, pop, ambient, jazz and field recordings bleed into each other seamlessly underneath musings on family, life/death, religion and love undeterred by distance and time. NPR named his collaboration with Matthew E. White’s Fight the Big Bull, one of the ‘5 best genre-defying albums of 2010”. ... more

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Track Name: The Secret Thoughts of Housewives
Oh I want to be gone when you get home tonight, alright
No I won’t be home when you get home tonight, alright
I want to be flying away into the night
When the baby is asleep, I will slip out in(to) the early morning light
Track Name: The Leaves In Our Mouths
behind the house there is a garden
that i am tending for you
when you come home this summer
there is no root we will not pull
the leaves in our mouths
the laughter ringing through the house
and all off this for you
the drinking of wine
the dancing late into the night

inside the house there is a bathtub
that we are filling for you
when you come in this evening
there is no crevice we will not clean
the soap in our eyes
the air your laughter seems to baptize
and all of this for you
the passing of time
our unrecorded endless bloodline

beside the house there is a pine box
that you will fill with me
when i go home this winter
there is nothing i will not leave
the salt on your skin
the mucus you will not hold in
and all of that for me
this lifeblood we pass
these bodies becoming dirt and ash
Track Name: When I Sleep, I Dream of My Father
Poppa was a singer had a voice that was a zinger
took his fingers put ‘em on pianos
played em with a tickle, yeah the crowds they were fickle
but enough to bring my momma to the show

that show, that show is where the magic grow
poppa gave her that glow
that glow, that glow is how he look for gold
gonna play to get gold
Poppa got a dream gonna leave this Alabama
Said to mama 'gotta get' she said 'No!'
Jumped in his camino, said 'I'm off to California
Come and find me when you ready' she said 'No!'

She won't go, even when he beg her so
stayin' home she won't go
She said no, 'won't follow you to so and so'
stayin' home, won't go
Papa on the street and met a banker who was eating
tole him, money in the bank will always grow
opened an account but his check would always bounce
always looking for a buck, it don't show

It won't grow, his money won't ever grow
his investment to low
It won't grow, that money won't ever grow
his investment to low
Got up on a bus, one way ticket Guatemala
Gonna take his stack o dollars, buy a grove
Lay up in a hammock, in his hand Pina Colada
Not a single bill to pay, not a commode

It won't grow, his banana won't even grow
his banana won't grow
They won’t grow, even when he curse em so
his bananas won't grow
Track Name: Postpartum Blues
Why can't the sun just come out?
Why can't the sun just come out?
Track Name: When I Was an Island
When I was a sailor I made em
When I was an island, a lion
when I was a tight rope, I left him
when I was an island, I was in ocean

when I was in Zion, I was alone then
when I was his ocean, I was an orphan
when I was an island, saw me some sky then
Track Name: Om Family / The Death of Self
when you pass
I will come to understand at last
when you pass
i will understand
at last
i will understand
at last
when you pass
Track Name: I Take What I See With My Eyes
when all the leaves of grass are sown
I look up to see what I own
I own what is there left to be

I take all of the family
I know I'll not a lot to leave
I know what I have got to be
and I survive and I surmise

I take what I see with my eyes
I take what I see with my eyes
I take what I see with my eyes

I know there is no more of this